About Us

1 – WildDuck is a mobile game studio rebooting the spirit of 70s arcade games by crafting awesomeness imbued with Bushnell’s Law.

2 – WildDuck makes games that treat ad content as game content. Rather than treating ads as something foreign to the game experience, WildDuck endeavors to create a seamless experience incorporating both. 

3 – Our game philosophy is to create the kinds of things Atari might’ve come up with in the 70s if the UX paradigm was the same as a modern phone. To be clear, we are NOT a retro-shop. Our guiding principle is to create games with simple, novel, game mechanics that induce a state of flow in the player. 

     – Credits can be purchased or earned which can be used to continue your game if you die.

     – The games have a novelty to them that makes them a fun disposable distraction. 

4 – To the greatest degree possible we control the content and rendering of the adspace in our games. This enables us not only to better curate the game experience but also to maximally profit from the units of adspace available in our games. 

David Holiday

CGO & Co-Founder

David is a senior technical resource who has been coding and making games since he was five. As is the case with many of his generation, David cut his teeth in the heyday of the 8-bit era on the family computer. Mesmerized by games like Ultima, Kings Quest, and Star Control, he dedicated himself to  learning all he could about this magic thing called a computer. At this time it was not uncommon to find David in his underwear painstakingly transcribing a BASIC game he found in a magazine or experimenting with PEEK+POKE to make a spaceship move without repainting the entire screen. 


At present, David has over a fifteen years of professional experience working on everything from mainframes to data-analytics platforms supporting genomics research. In 2019 he co-founded WildDuck because he got tired of not being able to find decent arcades games for his phone that weren’t infested with aggressive ads. 

Outside of work David is keenly interested in Emergence, the mind/body relationship, and issues of personhood – specifically the endeavors to quantify degrees of consciousness. An unapologetic geek at heart, he is unabashedly in love with gaming, movies, books, and food.

Adam Rubin

CEO & Co-Founder

A management consultant turned product leader that has spent the past 11 years in the Customer Experience Analytics space with roles spanning analytics, strategy, product management, design and marketing. A proven track record in delivering results – from leading multi-million dollar CX consulting projects for Fortune 100 companies, to managing the design and implementation of an enterprise Journey Analytics platform re-launch, to innovating a new machine learning product with a small team of data scientists. I believe in experimentation, analytics, empowering teams and obsessing about the end user. 

Outside of work, the majority of my time is spent relaxing with my wife and (chasing my) children. I love to travel (32 countries and counting) and experience different cultures – while taking photos at every step of the way.

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